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125Ah Battery 12V AGM Deep Cycle

125Ah Battery 12V AGM Deep Cycle

The Giant Power 12V 125Ah AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are perfect for all uses where frequent cycling is required, electric outboards, golf carts, electric wheelchairs, and marine applications.

Main Features of the 12 Volt 125Ah Deep Cycle Battery :

- Brand new – sealed in the box.
- Non-Spillable, Non-Gassing
- Designed Service Life 10 years
- High quality and reliability
- Stainless steel attachment bolts & washers
- Heavy duty grids (plates)
- Designed for frequent cyclic discharge
- Sealed construction (VRLA)
- Low internal resistance
- Maintenance free operation
- This Giant Power Deep Cycle battery is manufactured to CE and ISO9001 certification standards.
- Sealed AGM – Non Gassing – perfect for inside caravans and motor homes
- High Charging Capabilities – Ideal for Auxiliary battery setup in 4wd’s
- Sealed & maintenance free operation
- ABS containers and covers (UL94HB, UL94V-O)
- Safety valve installation for explosion proof
- Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
- Low self-discharge characteristic




Nominal Voltage


12 volts (6 cells)

Nominal Capacity

20-hr. (6.00 A to 10.80 volts)

10-hr. (6.3 A to 10.80 volts)

8-hr. (12.4 A to 10.50 volts)

3-hr. (26.80A to 10.50 volts)

1-hr. (61.8A to 9.60 volts)

Approximate Weight

Energy Density (10-hr. rate)

Specific Energy (10-hr. rate)

Internal Resistance (approx.)


125.0 AH

110.0 AH

104.8 AH

85.8 AH

67.1 AH

31.4 kg

1.79 W-h/in3 (109.05 W-h/l)

19.08 W-h/lb (42.05 W-h/kg)

4.0 Milliohms

Shelf Life (% of Minimal Capacity at 20°C)


20-hr. (3.25A to 10.8 volts

Approximate Weight

Energy Density (20-hr. rate)






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