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Boat Cover 16-18ft Maritime Ultra Trailer Series Grey

Boat Cover 16-18ft Maritime Ultra  Trailer Series Grey

Model C    Runabout, V-hull with Windscreen,
Ski Boat, Bow Riders, Bass, V-Nose Punt, Tinny's and more
Size     16ft-18ft , (4.87m-5.64m Length)
2.38m Beam Width
Travel     Fully Trailerable** - Heavy Duty Straps
Colour     Grey
Material    Heavy Duty 600D Marine Polyester
Warranty    1 Year

Maritime Trailer Boat Series is a durable long life cover, lightweight for easy storage . In addition to being water repellent & mildew resistant, the Maritime material also stands up against UV rays which quickly deteriorate other fabrics.

Maritime covers are of the supreme grade specifically designed for Runabouts, V-Hull Boats with windscreens, Ski Boats, Bow riders, Bass, V-Nose Punts, Tinny and more.

We also have a full range of larger covers for the big boys! so be sure to check out our other covers.

No other boat cover design or material quality comes close.

Important information:
Some considerations when choosing a boat cover:

The Denier is the thickness of the cover, the thicker the material, the heavier and less maneuverable it is. Usually cheaper covers are thick and heavy with little or no UV protection, and will deteriorate prematurely.

Our UV protection is quality controlled by industry specialist, what is UV protection? the material prior to cut out is treated with a UV coating, just like sun block!

All our covers are provided with manufactures warranty.

There maybe other boat covers available on the market, but non compare to ours!

-Water resistance and UV protection
-“Snug-fit” reinforced sewn-in elastic cord
-Water repellent and breathable fabric
-Double stitched seams for long lasting use
-Quick release buckles with adjustable heavy duty straps.. .
-Storage bag and fastening rope included -

- Fully Trailerable - ** Not for High Speed Towing

How to Measure your Boat
Length - Measure the overall length of the boat from nose to stern on a straight plane. Do not measure over windshield.

Width - Measure the width at the widest part of the boat in a straight plane.
Usually in the middle of the boat.


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