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Whether you have just bought a boat or already have one, chances are you want to keep it looking its best. 

A lot of the time, getting a custom made cover can be time consuming and costly. Aquaguard boat covers are a great option to help save time and money when it comes to your pride and joy.


AquaGuard Plus Boat Covers provide extra protection against water, sun, wind and dust. AQ Plus performance boat covers are durable for a long life, lightweight for easy handling and storage.

In addition to being water repellent & mildew resistant, the AquaGuard Plus cover also stands up against UV rays which quickly deteriorate other fabrics. AquaGuard Plus covers are of a supreme grade and designed specifically for the harsh Australian climate.






Marine canvas refers to a range of materials used in the fabrication and production of awnings, covers, tarps, sunshades, signs and banners. Basically anything that has to sit outside in the harsh weather all day.



Why Choose marine polyester?

Marine Polyester is water repellent while at the same time breathable, this allows for any trapped water inside the boat too escape as the weather dries, stopping the build up of mold that can occur with no ventilation. 




What makes AquaGuard Plus a cut above the rest? The answer lies in the manufacturing process:

1. Each AquaGuard Plus thread is solution dyed to its colour form

2. Threads are taken and loaded into weaving machines to create the material 

3. Material is then passed through a UV protection solution pool and dried 

4. Material is then passed through a water protection solution pool and dried 

5. Then a PU coating is applied to the inner side of the material for additional water resistance 

6. Material is then passed through a mildew protection solution pool and dried ready for cutting and sewing. 

AquaGuard Plus covers feature an additional layer of material on the inner side of the boat in contact areas to protect against tearing of the material.




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A Sea Anchor is a device that is attached to the stern of a boat,used to slow the boat down in a storm- keeping the hull perpendicular to the waves.   

By slowing the vessel in heavy weather, the drogue can make it easier to control 



Also referred to as a a drift anchor, drift sock, para-anchor or boat brake. Sea anchors can be used by vessels of any size, from kayaks to commercial fishing vessels.









Sea Anchors were used by sea-landing naval Zeppelins in World War 1. 



A boat's sea anchor set up is specifically for the oat in use and a wide range of size options exist. As a rule, the bigger the boat the bigger the drag, so the bigger the sea anchor.

Most sea anchors come with a boat size recommendation.




Sea anchors are also great for offshore fishermen, the slow drag allows for bait to be kept on the bottom longer when drifting over a favorite fishing spot.








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